On the Cusp

by Charlie D. Harper on November 1, 2012

Two weeks from today I will be in Amman, Jordan.

I’m a little bit freaking out.

Am I gonna be ready?
What have I forgotten?
Have I made all the right arrangements for my dad’s dietary needs?

Things are looking up though.
I’ve been trying to contact EgyptAir all week. Because of the storms in New York their US reservations office has been closed. Their computer systems are still down. Today, though, I finally got through to the Toronto office. I arranged gluten free food for all my dad’s flights. We’re actually flying nine times on this trip. Lots of short hops, but I’m glad he’ll be able to eat on board.

I didn’t know how much I was stressing about that loose end until I tied it up.


So, as I write this, I’m walking by the lake taking in the last colors of Autumn. It seems a good time to pause and take stock of the year.

If you’ve read this blog before you may know that I started the year with 5 crazyawesomehellyeah goals. I decided to stop doing monthly recaps because it seemed narcissistic. It’s been awhile, though, so perhaps you’ll indulge me. If you don’t know what these goals are about I’ve linked to more detailed explanation as appropriate.

34 to 31
Last week one of my last two pairs of khakis were too worn out to keep wearing to the office. The day had finally arrived. I needed new pants. I don’t remember a time when I tried on this many pairs of pants, but I’ve worked long enough to shrink my waist that I really wanted them to fit right. What I found was the 30s were all too small and the 32s were all too big. Sweet, the pants aren’t perfect, but I wear a 31 again-the goal is achieved!

Launch the boat
This one’s taking way longer than I had hoped. Several proposed launching dates have come and gone without a splash. I attribute this to naivete and ignorance. Naivete because I had no idea about all the minutia required to build and launch a boat. Ignorance because there have been an awful lot of steps I just didn’t know how to do when I started. I still hold out hope for finishing before the end of the year. As slow as I’ve moved I wonder if in 2013 I should run an experiment of 100 Days Without Goals (I’ve met the author of the linked post, and it’s worked very well for him).

Make money from a side business
I’m all talk.
I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’ve planned and dreamed a lot, but until I make an offer to the world I can’t really be serious. I hope to use some of my flight time in the middle east to establish some sort of direction here. Right now I have too many ideas kicking around and I’m not taking action on any.

Blog Consistently
I really had a good start. I stayed with this for half the year, but then my focus strayed and I stopped feeling like I had anything valuable to tell people. The last few months have been ugly with very little writing at all. I think this is because of the unexpected and inordinate amount of time I’ve spent on my last goal…

This one has been a huge success. I tentatively thought I could pull off four adventures in the year. Some would include the family and others would be solo. My minimalish family trip to Disney World, a spur of the moment family trip to Hocking Hills, a 16 mile Vision Quest day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains, and a family vacation to Montreal are all finished. That puts me one adventure past my goal, and I haven’t started the longest one yet.


So there you have it. Like most of life this year has been a mixed bag of achievement and opportunity. I’m not finished yet, and there is plenty left to do!

How’s your year going? What are your plans for the home stretch?
(Tell me in the comments!)

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