I’m Right, You’re Wrong

by Charlie D. Harper on October 6, 2012

The thinking that says “I believe what’s right, therefore anyone who disagrees with me must be wrong” is flawed at it’s core.

Our problems, and the excesses of individual groups, don’t stem from beliefs. Our problems come from how we believe. Few of us are content to believe for our own sake. Instead, we challenge those around us, attempting to sway them to The Truth. We denigrate the other side, feeling personally assaulted by different points of view.

We don’t just act this way on issues of great import such as infanticide or genocide. We will respond with equal fervor to the trivialities of the team someone supports, their political party, or Mac vs. PC.

It is a rare problem that has only two sides, two answers, two possibilities.

We do not live in a binary world, but we have an overwhelming tendency to use the shortcut of binary thinking in every aspect of our lives.

Is that ever the right thing to do?

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