Goals for 2013

by Charlie D. Harper on April 1, 2013

In my last post I talked about how No Goals wasn’t really working for me.

The real problem is that I want to do too many things. If I don’t set goals then I am stressed because I feel like I’m missing out on the other things that interest me.

Here’s everything I could think of that I’m interested in doing in 2013:

  1. Build another boat
  2. Get my Security+ Certification (Computer Network Security)
  3. Start meeting more people
  4. Travel
  5. Run a Marathon (1st ever)
  6. Go backpacking again
  7. Do $50K in Amazon sales (at work)
  8. Write
  9. Learn Javascript
  10. Get involved in the Puttytribe online
  11. PR 1/2 Marathon
  12. Camp Cruise Novice (the boat I just built)
  13. Get my French really good
  14. Catch up with people on Facebook & LinkedIn
  15. Do an adventure race
  16. Take Novice to a boat show
  17. Hike
  18. Get Network+ Certification
  19. Get involved in online boatbuilding communities
  20. Rowing
  21. Learn Spanish
  22. Start Strength Training
  23. Yoga
  24. Learn to Juggle 4/5 balls
  25. Learn Mandarin
  26. Learn ASP
  27. Learn PHP
  28. Play guitar again
  29. Try a gluten free diet
  30. Learn to cook
  31. Start cycling again

This list isn’t really comprehensive, just a quick run-down of what popped into my head.
It also leaves out things I’m not passionate about, but feel compelled to do (for example, our sewers flooded so I’m re-doing the damaged basement).

The list is just too big. If I try to do it all I can only devote 10 days to each by the end of the year, not enough to really enjoy any of them.

I grouped the list loosely and came up with 5 big picture areas of priority:

  1. Strengthen my Mind
  2. Strengthen my Body
  3. Adventure – I want to do stuff
  4. Create – I want to make stuff
  5. Connect – I want to talk to people

I’d like to keep a single goal going in each area. That will help me focus, allow flexibility, and keep me moving forward.

Here are my initial goals for each area:

  1. Strengthen my Mind – Pass my Security+ Certification Test
  2. Strengthen my Body – Yoga twice a week – I’m already juggling daily, so this is cheating a little by adding two goals.
  3. Adventure – I’ll go on 4 adventures before the year is out. None are currently planned.
  4. Create – Remodel my Basement (This sucks. I’m not excited about it, but it’s too expensive to outsource)
  5. Connect – FB daily 5 minutes

I’m already working on Juggling, Security+, and remodeling.
That means the only habits I’m adding today are Yoga and Facebook.

Wish me luck, and tell me about your goals this year…

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NicoleJohnsJeffries April 1, 2013 at 9:44 am

Great list! This, to me, definitely seems to be the year of learning for you. My list includes tons of learning, myself. I think the yoga will help with that since it’s a great form of meditation, and focus along with your health goals. I don’t think anything is impossible, and it seems as if many of these goals are already on the path to accomplishing them. Kudos!


Charlie D. Harper April 1, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Thanks Nicole!
I think I have good momentum right now.
I’d love to hear about your list sometime.


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