A Really Lousy Blog Post

by Charlie D. Harper on February 1, 2013

It’s time to write a really lousy blog post. Lousy writing is easier than good writing, but much harder than not writing at all.

For exactly three months I’ve been taking the easy way out.
In retrospect, it’s been a great three months. I visited the middle east, finished building my boat, presented at one of Seth Godin’s Icarus Sessions, and learned to juggle 4 balls. If you’d survey a random sampling of 3 month periods in my life you would find few that included as much adventure and amazement, or that brought so many excellent new people across my path.

And yet.

I’ve not stopped to reflect or to write.

It’s likely that there’s simply been too much to get my arms around. I’m having a hard time processing all of the changes wrought in me through the last year, and especially through the last three months.

I returned from Egypt thinking that an epic adventure demanded an epic narrative. I thought “I really need to put in the time to do this right”. So I didn’t publish. I thought. I considered. I tweaked. Like Joseph Grand in The Plague, I tinkered and twisted, and lost sight of the grander goal entirely.


In today’s really lousy blog post I re-commit to reflection, to creation, and to writing.

Are you ready to re-commit to anything?

I dare you to tell me in the comments…



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